Log Sided Homes For Sale, MN

Discover log sided homes for sale in MN and enjoy the log home look with traditional frame construction. View every log sided home on the real estate market at MinnesotaLogHomes.com!

Log sided homes are a type of home that have the appearance of being constructed from logs, but are actually built with traditional frame construction and feature log siding on the exterior walls. Log siding is made from either real wood logs or engineered wood products that are designed to mimic the look of real logs. Log sided homes offer a number of advantages over traditional log homes. They are often less expensive to build and maintain, as the framing and insulation are the same as those used in conventional homes, and they require less upkeep than a traditional log home. Additionally, log sided homes offer the rustic, natural charm of a log home without some of the disadvantages, such as settling of the logs over time, which can lead to gaps and air leaks in the walls. Log siding can also be treated with preservatives to help prevent rot and insect damage, extending the life of the home. Log sided homes can be customized to fit the homeowner's preferences and can incorporate a variety of design elements, such as a wrap-around porch, large windows to take advantage of views, and other features commonly found in traditional log homes.